Who is Behind this Shadow War?

China’s Unorthodox Warfare

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Is hacking a code of war? What are the precepts that govern supremacy in cyberspace? And why our thumbs pointing at the Chinese?

Let me start by echoing the last one.

Because more than one cyber intelligence company has now accused the Chinese state of cyber-attacks, even India's chosen officials seem persuaded about Beijing’s embroilment. When Maharashtra’s energy minister was questioned about the power outage in Mumbai last year, he did not undeviatingly name China. Still, he did say that it was a cyberattack and an act of treason.

So we come back to the question, are these hacking endeavors…

Invest Smart- Earn More

Buying a stock is simple, but buying the best stock without a time-tested strategy is incredibly tough. So what are the best stocks to buy now or later?

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Hey, guys, so in this article, I’m going over my top six stocks for the month of March 2021, I spent the last month going through hundreds of companies, and this is my list of stocks I think are the best buys right now. Be sure to read all the way through to get my full analysis of each of these companies. I’ll go over key numbers, recent news and why I expect them to grow and make you money. So let’s get started

1. Zynga (ZNGA)

This is a mobile gaming company that was founded in 2007. They’re the creators of games…


How was Apple So Successful?

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Since its founding in 1976 by a Business-Master Mind and a Nerd ‘Steve Jobs,’ Apple has had a unique place in the Tech Market. Today, there is a Diverging Entity, but historically, Steve Jobs has always assured that Apple products were friendly to non-technical people. Making things simple to use; opened up the door to a much broader market. Despite this plan, things haven’t always gone their way. In the 1990s, Apple lost the PC battles and was failed. But Fortunately, Bill Gates in 1997 saved Apple with a 150 million dollar investment deal.

It would only be after the…

AWS SES- Amazon Web Services’ Simple Email Sending

How does AWS SES Works?

Source: AWS

Amazon Web Services, or AWS, is probably the most widely adopted Cloud Computing Platform. Amongst virtual servers, artificial intelligence services, and numerous types of databases, they offer a simple email service as well. This is known as Amazon SES or Simple Email Service. If your app is already hosted on Amazon, you can definitely consider integrating it into your email infrastructure.

What is Amazon SES or Simple Email Service?

As the name describes, it is an email service for sending both Transactional and Mass emails. It is cloud-based and offers a wide list of possible integrations. You have your SMTP interface, which is your Simple Mail Transfer Protocol…

Web Development Frameworks

Angular - Explained in Detail

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Creating a website in itself gives a great feeling, and it just gets better when you’re doing it using Angular. Surveys have revealed that the number of skilled Angular developers is much less than the number of jobs available. The best way to invade you a good job with a very handsome salary in this world is to get an Angular certification. This proves that if you’re someone looking forward to growing your career in this domain, then it is definitely a golden time for you.

What is Web Development?

Web development means the development or building of applications or websites. Professionals who build…

JavaScript Frameworks

Most Popular JavaScript Frameworks in 2021

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Now, the question that you might ask yourself is, why should I be using these libraries or frameworks? And the answer to that is basically because it reduces your effort. It is very much efficient for you to use these libraries. It reduces the amount of code that you will write and the time it will take you to create your own website. So because of these reasons, I think it’s definitely worthwhile for you to take up these libraries or frameworks versus just creating applications with Vanilla JavaScript. …

Digital Investment

Hey, Guys, so in this article, we are talking about Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Dogecoin, and we’ll be going over which coins I recommend and Why?

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If you’re just getting started with cryptocurrency just now, I do think that there is a lot of money to be made here in the long term, and, yeah, hopefully, that gives you enough reason to read this article until the end. Right now, there is over 1600 cryptocurrency on the market available for trading and of those 1600, you have Bitcoin and Ethereum at the very top of the list. We also have mean coins such as Dogecoin, which are getting a lot of buzz lately. So yeah, we’ll go over everything you need to know about these coins…

What’s the Difference Between Design Thinking, Design Sprints, and Agile Sprints? Some combination of this always comes up and Let’s Get Started

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Design Sprints

Design sprints are basically a step-by-step system for solving big problems as a team. So a team comes together, they don’t know exactly what product they want to make yet, they have some ideas of what they want to do, but they still haven’t validated whether anybody really wants this thing yet. So it’s a step-by-step system that allows a team to come together, solve big problems and at the end of the week, have a prototype that they can test with real users.

Normally, they do a four-week process for two Design Sprints and at the end of those…

Relationship Tips

Make it Simple and Accept any Kind of Answer

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This article is for those of you that currently have a crush that you’ve been thinking a lot about, maybe you’ve been bugging about how to attract them, or maybe you’ve been pondering about how to ask them out. If this is you, then pay tight attention because I’m going to tell you exactly what to do.

Now, approaching out your crush is best done with a simple three-step process.

1. Get their attention

You can do this by either going up to them in the present life or by starting a chat using the Internet. Doing things in person is usually more trustworthy…

India’s E-learning

This Article talks about Major Drawbacks in E-learning

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When we look at the Covid-19, Covid-19 stagnated the entire world, it has hit the number of sectors, and one of the main sectors in the educational sector. Yes, it has caused harm on the economic front; it has caused harm on the political front and the social front. But we have to focus on the educational sector as well.

We need a clear-cut, realistic assessment how whether online education has impacted the students or not. Why? Because most of the students are heading to the schools right now. Most of the students will attend the schools in the next…

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